COA membership includes novices, as well as advanced collectors, scientists and shell dealers from around the country and the world. Membership is for the calendar year, January through December, and includes a subscription to American Conchologist, the full color quarterly journal of the COA. Late memberships are retroactive to January. Though you may join at any time during the year, you are a member for that calendar year only, receiving the four issues (published March, June, September, December) of the American Conchologist for that year.

COA offers:

  • Annual Convention - lectures, symposia, field trips, auctions, shell dealer's bourse, exhibits, banquet, and other activities.
  • COA Award - for winning exhibits at qualifying worldwide shell shows.
  • Thousands of dollars in grants in malacology awarded yearly.
  • Quarterly Publication - American Conchologist - popular and scientific articles on mollusks, book reviews, travel articles, convention news, calendar of shell shows and other shell related articles - full color journal.

On the Internet:

COA membership dues are $25.00 per membership PLUS an additional postage charge. Mailing options include:

  • USA Bulk Mail [$25.00 dues + no additional postage] = $25.00 Total
  • USA First Class [$25.00 dues + $5.00 postage] = $30.00 Total
  • Canada and Mexico [$25.00 dues + $5.00 postage] = $30.00 Total
  • All Others [$25.00 dues + $15.00 postage] = $40.00 Total

Payment by Check

Make it payable to CONCHOLOGISTS OF AMERICA. ONLY in U.S. dollars with a check drawn on a U.S. bank or an international postal money order. All checks must have the Transit Enrouting and Account Number printed on the bottom to be accepted by the bank.

Send the check and completed COA membership application to:

  • Linda Powers
  • COA Membership Director
  • 2700 N. Beach Road, Unit D106
  • Englewood, Florida 34223-9223

Payment by PayPal
When paying by PayPal use the following email address to send payments:
When paying via PayPal please email information requested above to Linda Powers at


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