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Combined INDEX to volumes 1-51 of the COA Bulletin and American Conchologist (.pdf)

Bulletin AND American Conchologist now available online:
Bulletin of the Conchologists of America:
Volumes 1-9  [1973]-(1981:June) and Nos. 1-24
Volumes 10-15 No.1 (1981:Sept. - 1987:Mar.)

COA Supplement no. 1  A Review of National and International Regulations Concerned with Collection, Importation and Exportation of Shells (Mollusca)

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News & Short Subjects
  • Short Subjects from September, 1995
    • Fresh Water, Salt Water, and Sealife; Great Scallop Search Turns up 6; Life's Beginnings Pushed Back Once Again; Ocean Planet. . . A Totally Immersing Experience
  • Short Subjects from March, 1996
    • ARGONAUTA Publishes Cone Articles; Land Shell Lovers, Take Note; Lure of the Liguus; New Species Named for COA Members; News of the American Museum; Raising Clams; Shells of Belgium; South African Shells on Stamps
  • Short Subjects from September, 1996
    • MALACOLOG / CLEMAM -- A Marine Molluscan Database; Unitas Malacologia