The COA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Conchologists of America organization operates mainly with the support of volunteers as exemplified by the working board of directors. Each member of the COA board volunteers to take on one or more specific operational jobs contributing to the smooth operation of the whole organization. It is called a “Working Board.”  The proposed Lifetime Achievement Award is established to honor those COA board members who have served for extended period of time in accomplishing significant leadership and operational tasks. Their sustained devotion to performing COA jobs have significantly contributed to the successful operation of the organization in one aspect or another.

1)  The nominee of this award must have held in the past, operational and/or leadership position on the COA Board of Directors for at least ten years; current board members are excluded from consideration.

2)  It is the sole responsibility of the COA Board of Directors to select the award recipient. The process will be initiated by the COA president. The COA general membership will not participate in the process.

3)  This single award, in the form of  a plaque or statue, suitably worded, can be given no more frequently than every other year starting in 2020 and at the discretion of the presiding COA president.

4)  This award may be given posthumously.

Adopted by the COA Board on June 19, 2019; posted to website April 29, 2020