2005 COA Annual Convention

July 19-24 Ft. Myers, Florida

Fossil trip Jul 18, 2005

Fossil trip Jul 18, 2005

Fossil trip Jul 18, 2005

Welcome Party

Peter Dance

Mermaid Parade

Phyllis Gray and Charlene Totten


Rusti Stover

Carl Ehrlich


Sanibel Museum

Bob Lipe and Karla Mason

Edie Chipeaux and Josie Wienner

Evelyn Canty, Larry Styles and Marsha Darcy

Peggy Williams

Merv Cooper (R)

Bob Lipe

Mathilde Duffy


Joel Rosenthal

Philip Clover and Vincent Nichanowicz

Larry Strange

Simone and Hugh Morrison

David Woodman

Ken Piech

David and Lucille Green

Jean and Don Pisor

Victor Dan and Patrice Bail

Gabriella Raybaudi

Donald Dan

Jeff Whyman

Richard Goldberg and Bev Dolezol

Chris Takahashi

Sue Hobbs

John Philipps and Vincent Crayssac

Phil Dietz

Sonia Fuschi

Marcus and Jose Coltro

Mauricio and Carolina Lima

Manuel Amorin

Felix Lorenz and Peter Stimpson

Fredric Briskin and Harry Lee

Robert Gavrish

Frank and Ruth Abramson

Bruno Briano

Randy Allamand

Bill Lyons and Alistair Moncur

Brian Hayes and Peter Stimpson

Al Deynzer (R)

Bob and the Redferns

Bob Janowsky & Wife

Carl and rare cone

Doris, Eleanor, Linda

The Joffes