What can be done to help endangered mollusk species?

"Most of the plants and animals in danger of extinction today have at least one thing in common: habitat loss. Too often, the ecosystems on which they depended have been degraded, fragmented, reduced in size, or even destroyed. The question of whether or not species will continue to decline depends on our willingness to find enough room to coexist with wildlife in the modern world. Fortunately, innovative approaches to land management are proving that compatibility is possible.

Habitat restoration and enhancement offer the best chance for wildlife conservation and recovery. This edition of the Endangered Species Bulletin looks at examples of cooperative habitat improvement projects involving private landowners, other concerned individuals, organizations, and a variety of agencies."

(Reprinted from 'FOCUS'. January/February 1996. Endangered Species Bulletin Vol. XXI No. 1)

But not all species that are endangered become extinct. There is hope and what we as individuals choose to do can make the difference.

"Endangered" means there's still time.

Read about on-going U. S. Fish and Wildlife efforts to protect some of our unique freshwater mussel species, and some success stories; How artificial propagation may help some species; How watersheds are being improved and riparian areas restored.