Short Subjects from September, 1996

MALACOLOG / CLEMAM - A Marine Molluscan Database

MALACOLOG is a project to create a single computer database incorporating all the marine mollusca of Europe and the Western Atlantic, under the auspices of Unitas Malacologia. Editor-in-Chief of the project is Dr. Gary Rosenberg of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, and Serge Gofas is the taxonomic editor of the European section. It is, at this point, a coordination of two independent lists: CLEMAM is a database of European marine Mollusca compiled by Serge Gofas and Jacques le Renard (; MALACOLOG is a data base of western Atlantic mollusks developed by Dr. Gary Rosenberg ( It is hoped that these endeavors will ultimately lead to a worldwide database of recent mollusks, marine, land and freshwater.

Unitas Malacologia

Did you know that there's a worldwide organization devoted to furthering the study of Mollusca by individuals, societies and institutions worldwide? From modest beginnings in western Europe as Unitas Malacologia Europaea, it has expanded to encompass malacologists all over the world. Current President is Dr. Rudiger Bieler, Chairman of the Department of Malacology at the Field Museum in Chicago. The Unitas Malacologia Newsletter is produced in Australia by Dr. Winston Ponder. The society meets every three years; its last congress was held in Vigo, Spain in September, 1995, and the next one will be held in Washington D.C., simultaneously with the annual meeting of the 64th Annual Meeting of the American Malacological Union, July 25-31, 1998, as the First World Congress of Malacology. Want to know more? Get in touch with U.M Secretary Dr. Jackie Van Goethem, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Vautierstraat 29, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium. Phone 32 3 627 4343, fax 32 2 646 4433