Quiz: Know your Muricidae

by Betty Hunter
It is with a considerable measure of sadness that we bring you the most recent Betty Hunter shell quiz. Betty, who had been suffering ill health since September, died quite suddely of a heart attack in early December. Enjoy your quiz. There is only one more of these immensely popular, clever and erudite little tests of our shell knowledge to come.

  1. What species of the genus Chicoreus might be engaged in the timber industry?
  2. What member of the genus Dermomurex would have a keen interest in the grain industry?
  3. What member of the genus Homalocantha mentions a nocturnal arachnid with a venomous sting?
  4. What species of Dermomurex might be an excellent proofreader of paragraphs?
  5. What species of Dermomurex and Aspella each mention a different form of Egyptian architecture?
  6. What member of the genus Naquetia immediately suggests a religious order of monks and a species of monkeys?
  7. What rare species of Pterynotus suggests a lighthouse visible throughout the night?
  8. What species of Phyllonotus suggests a two-family dwelling?
  9. What murex suggests a person who is bat-brained or batty?
  10. What murex suggests a fluent, clear speaker?
  11. What Murexiella species name sounds like that of a serious liver ailment?
  12. What species of Siratus sounds like the name of a southern state?
  13. What species of Favartia names a mythical monster which was half-man and half-bull?
  14. The genus Aspella boasts a set of twins. Homer describes one as good at boxing and the other as good at taming horses. Who are they?
  15. What species of Favartia was almost certainly a pauper?
  16. What species of Aspella is mysterious and often shows a perplexing brevity of expression?
  17. What species of Chicoreus bears the name of the Greek goddess of hunting and wild animals?
  18. What species of Haustellum suggests a woollen fabric usually made in a twill weave?
  19. What genus and species of Muricidae names both the composer and title of a French opera?
  20. What species of Litozamia is among Santa's most famous employees?
  21. What species of Chicoreus reminds one of a religious order named after its founder?
  22. What species of Murexiella appears to be a member of Spain's lower nobility?
  23. What species of Chicoreus suggests a special kind of brown cardboard?
  24. What species of Haustellum names a twentieth century U.S. President?
  25. What species of Nipponotrophon names a monster slain by Perseus?

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First published in the Jacksonville Shell-O-Gram, edited by Bill Frank.

Betty Hunter, member of the Jacksonville Shell Club and Conchologists of America for many years, passed away Dec 3, 1996, mourned by her friends, former Latin students and fellow collectors everywhere. We'll miss her passion for shells and their names and for classical lore and language.