Quiz: Know your Cones

by Betty Hunter

  1. What cone name suggests a royal crown?
  2. What cone name suggests a burial at sea?
  3. What cone might wish to purchase Cloth World or Fabrics Unlimited?
  4. What cone names the Roman god of the sea?
  5. What cone name suggests a group of land flowers as well as a sea creature resembling a flower?
  6. What cone suggests a quadrupedal, carnivorous scavenger?
  7. What cone, named for a taxonomist, sounds like a little girl's favorite toy?
  8. What cone was indirectly named for a fuzzy, friendly creature from Star Trek?
  9. What cone suggests a 20th century U.S. President?
  10. What cone is named for a great hunter of classical mythology? He became a constellation.
  11. What cone name bears the name of a flower extensively grown in the Netherlands?
  12. What cone suggests the first man to circumnavigate the globe?
  13. What cone bears the name of the Roman god of doorways and beginnings? He is regularly portrayed as having two heads, one looking backward, the other looking forward.
  14. What cone might have aspired to be a mapmaker?
  15. What cone suggests an ancient swordsman fighting in the Roman Colosseum?
  16. What cone suggests a soothsayer or diviner?
  17. What cone suggests the white fur often adorning royal clothing?
  18. What cone suggests one of the wise men attending the birth of Christ?
  19. What junior synonym for the largest species of the living Conidae represents the mythological titan who stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind?
  20. What cone suggests the picture writing of the ancient Egyptian priesthood?
  21. What cone suggests an end or a boundary?
  22. What cone's name suggests that it is active at night?
  23. What cone suggests a Greek goddess of the moon?
  24. What cone names a handsome youth loved by Aphrodite?
  25. What cone contains the name of a fauvist painter who worked in Tahiti?

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First published in the Jacksonville Shell-O-Gram, edited by Bill Frank.

Betty Hunter, member of the Jacksonville Shell Club and Conchologists of America for many years, passed away Dec 3, 1996, mourned by her friends, former Latin students and fellow collectors everywhere. We'll miss her passion for shells and their names and for classical lore and language.