New Species - Freshwater


Anodonta heardi Gordon & Hoeh, 1995 Gordon, M.E. & W.R. Hoeh. 1995. Anodonta heardi, a new species of freshwater mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae) from the Apalachicola River system of the southeastern United States. Walkerana 7(17/18):265-273. Type material: Holotype - University of Michigan (UMMZ) 253324; paratypes - UMMZ 250516 (3 spec.), UMMZ 250517 (3 spec.). Type locality: Apalachicola River, Florida, Calhoun County, approximately 9.7 km north of Blountstown at Ocheesee Landing. Distribution: Lower Apalachicola River system. Compared with Anodonta suborbiculata Say, 1831.

Utterbackia peninsularis Bogan & Hoeh, 1995 Bogan, A.E. & W.R. Hoeh. 1995. Utterbackia peninsularis, a newly recognized freshwater mussel (Bivalvia: Unionidae: Anodontinae) from peninsular Florida, U.S.A. Walkerana 7(17/18):275-287. Type material: Holotype - University of Michigan (UMMZ) 253583; paratypes - UMMZ 253584 (2 spec.), Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia A18104 (2 spec.), Canadian Museum of Natural History 47384 (2 spec.), University of Florida 211099 (2 spec.), author's collection (# not stated). Type locality: Unnamed canal adjacent to the Suwannee River at Dilger's Campground, near intersection of U.S. Highway 19 and Suwannee River, southeast of Old Town, Dixie County, Florida. Distribution: Lower Suwannee amd Santa Fe Rivers south to Hillsborough and Withlacoochee Rivers. Compared with Utterbackia peggyae (Johnson, 1965).