List of Grantees

2009 -- $15,000.00

  • Onthank, Kirt; $1.300,00, Dietary changes cephalopoda, Washington State Univ.
  • *Newcomb, James; $1.500,00, Period protein in Melibe, New England College
  • Stoler, Aaron; $1.450,00, Litter snails in ponds and wetlands, Univ. Pittsburg
  • Ciparis, Serena; $1.250,00, Gonad development of pleurocerid, Virginia Tech
  • Belanger, Christina; $1.500,00, Bivalve climate optimum & community, Chicago
  • Gravem, Sarah; $1.500,00, Food web Chlorostoma funebralis, UC Davis
  • **Quintero, Marissa; $1.350,00, Bivalve Ecology Caribbean, Panama Univ.
  • Skelton, Travis; $1.000,00, Mol Tax Hawaiian Subulinids, Univ. Hawaii Honolulu
  • Sischo, David; $1.500,00, Conservation genetics Partulina, Univ. Hawaii Kewalo
  • ***Gatdula, Elysse; $1.450,00, Shell ID Aglajid, Cal State Pomona
  • Patterson, Heather; $1.200,00, Oxygen stress in Crassostrea, Dauphin Island SeaLab

*Clench & Turner Memorial; **Paul & Heather Johnson; ***Jacksonville Shell Club

2008 -- $16,459.78

  • ASHER, Allison; 1395,5, Arkansas State University, Paternity of the freshwater mussel, Villosa iris (Lea, 1829)
  • ***AVERBUJ, Andres; 1500, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina The genus Buccinanops: No eyes?
  • BRADY, Steven P.; 1500, Yale University, Adaptive divergence to road salt runoff by the marsh pond snail (Stagnicola elodes)
  • HERRMANN, Marko; 1500, Alfred-Wegener-Institute, Growth estimates of the Brazilian surf clam Donax striatus (Bivalvia: Donacidae) derived from fluoroscent marking
  • INOUE. Kentaro; 1060, Arkansas State University, Conservation genetics of the critically imperiled freshwater snail Leptoxis arkansensis (Hinkley, 1915) (Gastropoda: Pleuroceridae)
  • JASSOUD, Alexandre; 1500, University of Puerto Rico, Populaton structure of the common Caribbean octopus (Octopus vulgaris)
  • **MEYER, Erin Leigh; 1500, University of California - Berkeley, An assessment of the population connectivity of Cittarium pica (Vetigastropoda: Trochidae) in the West Indies
  • PANKEY, Molly; 1500, University of California - Santa Barbara, Evolutionary origins of photoreception in Cephalopoda
  • PAUSTIAN, Megan; 820, University of Maryland, The influence of competition between an invasive and native slug on the native slug's abundance and distribution
  • SCHROEDER, Stephanie; 1184,28, University of Oregon, The behavioral ecology and territoriality of the owl limpet, Lottia gigantea.
  • *VAN DER MEIJ Sancia E.T.; 1500, Naturalis/Leiden, The Netherlands, Detection of cryptic species of boring mussels in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua, Indonesia
  • ****VISAGGI, Christy C.; 1500, University of North Carolina, Latitudinal variation in drilling predation of eastern South American mollusks: spatial implications for patterns of evolution in the fossil record

*Paul & Heather Johnson; **Walter Sage Memorial Grant; ***Clench & Turner Memorial; ****Jacksonville Shell Club

2007 -- $14,454.85

  • Alexandrino, Alvin; 1300, California State University Los Angeles and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Los Angeles, California, Phylogeny of Aeolididina (Gastropoda: Nudibranchia) based on morphological characters and mitochondrial 16s rRNA and COI genes
  • Chaney, Nancy, L.; 1500, University of Hawaii at Hilo, Hawaii, The role of larval development in determining the population structure of Hawaiian micro-gastropods
  • Chattopadhyay, Devapriya; 1500, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, The effect of secondary predator on the drilling behavior of muricid gastropod
  • *Malaquias, Manuel, PhD; 1255, The Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom, Diversity and phylogeography of Atlantic and eastern Pacific Haminoeidae gastropods
  • Meletakos, Gina M.; 1485,42, Department of Biological Sciences, Towson University, Towson, Maryland , DNA barcoding polygyrid snails of the genera Stenotrema and Euchemotrema
  • Moore, Beth; 1500, San Francisco State Universtiy and California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California, Molecular phylogeny of the genus Phyllodesmium and a generic investigation of their algal symbionts
  • Moretzsohn, Fabio, PhD; 1478,43, Harte Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies and Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, Texas, The use of molluscan odontophore cartilage for taxonomic studies
  • Parker, Meaghan; 1500, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, Phylogenetics, phylogeography, and evolution of Pacific island snails
  • **Slapcinsky, John; 1494, University of Florida and Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, Florida, Taxonomy and phylogeography of terrestrial snails within accreted terranes in New Guinea
  • ***Sperling, Erik; 1442, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, Homology or convergence of shell formation in the Lophotrochozoa

*Paul & Heather Johnson Award; **Walter Sage Memorial Grant Award; ***Clench & Turner Memorial Award

2006 -- $14,456.53

  • Auld, Josh R.; $1,492.00; University of Pittsburgh, PA; The density-dependent and density-independent effects of predators on the mating system of the hermaphroditic freshwater snail Physia acuta
  • Bennet, Kyle; $1,490.00; Rutgers University, Hillsborough, NJ;Phenotypica plasticity and multiple cryptic species in discretely different habitats of the scorched mussel, Brachidontes exutusspecies complex in the Florida Keys
  • Crowley, Louise*; $1,168.00; American Mus. of Natural History, New York, NY; Phylogeny and diversification of the bivalve order Arcoida Stoliczka, 1871 (Pteriormorphia: Mollusca)
  • Dennis, Alice; $1,500.00; Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA; Cryptic speciation and freezing tolerance in Melampus bidentatus(Pulmonata: Elobiidae)
  • Hall, Kevin T.; $1,475.00; The University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI; Integrating empyrical observation and generic inference to guide translocation: Hawaii's endangered Achatinella tree snails as a case study
  • Harnik, Paul; $1,500.00; University of Chicago, IL; Estimating molluscan species rarity in the fossil record
  • Hayes, David M.; $1,500.00; Arkansas State University, Jonesboro, AR; Molecular phylogenetics of Wlimia potosiensis (Caenogastropoda: Pleuroceridae)
  • Hochberg, Rick; $1,471.00; University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA; The nervous and muscular systems of interstitial solenogastres: functional and phylogenetic significance
  • Meyer, Wallace M.; $1,500.00; The University of Hawaii at Moana, HI; Life histories, population densities and habitat preferences of native Hawaiian succineid snails Naturales
  • Smith, Ursula; $1,360.53; Palentological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY; Evolutionary dynamics of Neogene turritelline gastropods in New Zealand: an integrated approach

*Walter Sage Memorial Grant Award: Louise Crowley; Note: Future additional named grants may be funded by income from the Paul & Heather Johnson Fund and the Clench/Turner Fund

2005 -- $15,868.00

  • Clutts, Stephanie; $1,447.00; Southern Illinois University; Molecular phylogenetics within land snail genus Anguispira (Pulmonata: Discidae)
  • Crummett, Lisa T.; $1,430.00; University of Florida; Testing "Selection Arena" in the snail, Campeloma limum, as a mechanism for the correlation between brooding and parthenogenesis
  • Hayes, Kenneth A.; $1,500.00; University of Hawaii at Manoa; Molecular systematics, phylogeography, and evolution of apple snails (Pomacea spp.)
  • Holland, Brenden S.; $1,500.00; University of Hawaii at Honolulu; Island biogeography of endemic Pacific amber snails (Gastropoda: Succineidae): Field sampling in the Solomon Islands
  • Kappner, Isabella*;$1,158.00;University of Illinois at Chicago; Museum-based research for the taxonomy and phylogeny of the bivalve subfamily Venerinae
  • Meyer, Wallace M.; $1,500.00; University of Hawaii at Manoa; The status of native Hawaiian snails and the threats they face
  • Perotti, Elizabeth; $1,500.00; University of California, Berkeley; Does geologic history matter? The effects of substrate on limpet community ecology
  • Rundell, Rebecca; $1,500.00; University of Chicago; Testing for adaptive radiation in the Palau diplommatinid land snails
  • Signorelli, Javier; $1,350.00; Museo Argentino de Ciencias; Systematic study of the family Mactridae Lamarck, 1809 (Bivalvia: Heterodonta) from the southwestern Atlantic coast of South America Naturales
  • Slaughter, Cristin; $1,484.00; University of North Carolina; Phylogeography of the Florida fighting conch, Strombus alatus (Gmelin, 1791), with an analysis of introgression Wilmington
  • Wilk, John A.; $1,499.00; University of Illinois at Chicago; Revision of Isognomonidae (Bivalvia, Pterioidea), Pacific diversification and ambiguous species boundaries

*Walter Sage Memorial Grant Award: Isabella Kappner; Note: Future grants will be supplemented by recently established PAUL & HEATHER JOHNSON FUND and CLENCH/TURNER FUND

2004 -- $14,583.00

The Grants Committee for 2004 consists of Dr. Henry Chaney (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History), Dr. José Leal (Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum) and Dr. Gary Rosenberg (The Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia), with Dr. Leal as chair. This year, we received 27grant applications requesting a total of $35,074.00 Of the 27applications, 6 came from professionals and 21 came from students. The eleven recommended proposals for funding came to a total of $14,583.00, subsequently approved by the COA Board of Directors. The Grant Committee nominated the proposal by Eric D. Crandall, a Boston University Marine Program student, for the Walter Sage Award. This decision was based on the project's originality, wide-ranging reach of the its potential results, and the use of modern techniques of DNA sequencing to answer long-standing questions in the fields of marine ecology and biogeography.

  • Crandall, Eric D., $1,470, Boston University Marine Program, How do "stepping-stones" of available habitat affect genetic connectivity in neritid snails?
  • Dietl, Gregory P., $1,100, University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Evolution of Strombus alatus species complex following a post-Pliocene productivity decline in Florida.
  • Faucci, Anuschka, $1,025, University of Hawaii at Manoa, The origin of Hawaiian vermetids.
  • Hayes, Kenneth, $1,500, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Systematics, Phylogeography and evolution of apple snails (Pomacea spp,)
  • Holland, Brenden, $1,500, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Biogeography of a widely distributed land snail famil: Coloniozation pathways, evolutionary patterns and systematics of Pacific Island Succineidae.
  • Hoverman, Jason, $1,300 University of Pittsburgh, The evolution of phenotypic plasticity in freshwater snails.
  • Li, Wei, $1,317, Tufts University, Detecting inbreeding in marine slippershell snails Crepidula fornicata and Crepidula convexa.
  • Przeslawski, Rachel, $1,000, Flinders University of S. Australia, The role of marine chemical sunscreens in encapsulated molluscan development.
  • Spooner, Daniel, $1,500, The University of Oklahoma, An integrative approach to understanding freshwater mussel (Family: Unionidae) community structure: linking biodiversity, environmental context and physiology.
  • Untersee, Steve, $1,400, Tufts University, Differences in copper toxicity in 2 closely related species of marine gastropod with different modes of reproduction.
  • Whalen, Kristen, $1,476, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Detoxification and transport of dietary metabolites in marine mollusks.

2003 -- $11,000

The grants committee for 2003 consisted of Dr. Gary Rosenberg (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia), Dr. Henry Chaney (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History) and Dr. José Leal (Bailey-Matthews Shell Museum) with Rosenberg as chair. In 2003 we received 22 grant proposals requesting a total of $32,409 in support, similar to last year, with 21 grant proposals requesting a total of $30,278, but a decrease relative to 28 grant proposals requesting$35,070 in 2001. Eighteen of the applicants are graduate students, and five are professional biologists with master’s degrees. Eight of the proposals were international: 4 from Argentina, 2 from Colombia, 1 from Cuba and 1 from Mexico. The committee members independently ranked proposals with scores from "1" (best) to "5" (worst). This year, we recommend nine proposals for funding, all of those that received scores averaging better than 2.3. The total requested in these nine proposals is $12,295, but after judicious trimming of budgets, we recommend funding totalling $11,000. This is $1000 more than originally budgeted, but will allow us to fund all of the most highly regarded proposals without having to make artificial distinctions. We recommend the proposal by Lisa Kirkendale of the evolution of cockles for the Walter Sage Award.

One issue has been raised by a COA member: that the current rules make grants available only to citizens and permanent residents of the Americas or to students attending graduate school in the United States. This makes some COA members ineligible for grants. We propose making all COA members eligible.

  • Bass, Anna L., $1,200 University of South Florida, FL Systematics and evolution of the family Plakobranchidae (Sacoglossa, Opisthobranchia, Gastropoda, Mollusca)
  • Bigatti, Gregorio, $1,350 University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Reproductive and biological aspects of the ziczac volutid Odontocymbiola magellanica (Gmelin, 1791) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) from Patagonia
  • Boyle, Elizabeth, $1,250 University of Massachusetts, MA Colonization and radiation in the deep-sea protobranch subfamily Ledellinae
  • Crowley, Louise, $1,000 City University of New York, NY Phylogeny and historical biogeography of the bivalve order Arcoida
  • Goewert, Ann E., $1,400 Iowa State University, IA Sclerochronology of freshwater mussels (Unioni­dae): implications for population dynamics, con­servation biology and paleoclimate reconstruction
  • Kirkendale, Lisa, $1,300 University of Florida, FL Windows of opportunity: molecular phylo­genetics and character trait evolution in the cardiid subfamily Fraginae
  • Strauss, Josiah, $1,500 Florida Atlantic University, FL Comparison of growth rates and temperatures of growth of Pleistocene and living gastropod Pleuroploca gigantea from southern Florida, using 18O stable isotopes
  • Tëmkin, Ilya, $1,000 New York University, NY Systematics and phylogeny of the pearl oysters (Pteriidae)
  • Wyeth, Russell, $1,000 University of Washington, WA Field behavior of the nudibranch Tritonia diomedea

2002 -- $10,300.00

The grants committee for 2002 consisted of Dr. Gary Rosenberg, Dr. Daniel Graf and Mr. Paul Callomon, with Rosenberg as chair. In 2002 we received 21 grant proposals requesting a total of $30,278 in support, a decrease compared to 28 grant proposals requesting a total of $35,070 in 2001. The decrease may be related to reluctance to travel following September 11. Sixteen of the applicants are graduate students, and five are post-doctoral students or professionals. Three of the proposals were international, two from Canada and one from Argentina. Each committee member ranks proposals from "1" (best) to "3"(worst). This year, we have recommended nine proposals for funding, all of those that received scores averaging better than 1.5. The total recommended funding is $10,300. We recommend the proposal by Christine Parent on Galapagos land snails for the Walter Sage Award, because of its overall excellence.

  • Dr. John A. Cigliano, Cedar Crest College, PA, $1,300 Habitat and population survey of Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) in two proposed marine replenishment zones of Andros Island, the Bahamas.
  • Elizabeth Davis, University of Kansas, KS, $1,000 Trail following by conspecifics in freshwater and terrestrial snails.
  • Joanne R. Dougherty, Villanova University, PA, $1,200 The association of the coquina clam Donax variabilis and the hydroid Lovenella gracilis.
  • Anuschka Faucci, University of Hawaii, HI, $900 Genetic population structure in relation to dispersal potential in Hawaiian vermetids.
  • Melissa A. Frey, University of California, Davis, CA, $1,000 The geography and ecology of speciation in a group of marine snails (Nerita spp.).
  • Dr. Brenden S. Holland, University of Hawaii, HI, $1,200 Use of genetic tools in the efforts to save vanishing Hawaiian tree snails.
  • Isabella Kappner, Field Museum of Natural History, IL, $1,300 Fieldwork in the Cape Verde Island: Phylogenetic, biogeographic and monographic studies of the bivalve subfamily Venerinae Rafinesque, 1815.
  • Christine Parent, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, $1,000 Species radiation on islands: the bulimulid land snails of Galápagos.
  • Kathryn E. Perez, University of Alabama, AL, $1,300 An examination of systematic relationships within the land snail genus Praticolella (Gastropoda: Pulmonata: Polygyridae) from the southern United.

2001 -- $10,729.00

In 2001, the COA grants committee, consisting of Dr. Henry Chaney, Dr. G. Thomas Watters, and Dr. Gary Rosenberg, reviewed 28 grant proposals that requested a total of $35,070 in support. All of the applicants were graduate students. Three of the proposals were international, all from Argentina The committee recommended the following nine proposals for funding with a total of $10,729.00. The proposal by Audrey Aronowsky on naticid egg collars received the Walter Sage Award because of its overall excellence and the likelihood that its subject would have been of interest to Walter himself.

  • Audrey Aronowsky, University of California, Berkeley "Why do naticids use sand in the construction of egg collars?" ~$1,000
  • Christopher Block and Edward Sobek, Texas Tech University: "Evaluation of Caracolus caracolla as a potential ecosystem engineer in the Tabonuco Forest of Puerto Rico." ~$1,300
  • Kenneth A. Hayes, University of South Florida: "Evolution of the ‘Corona Complex’ in the genus Melongena (Gastropoda: Melongenidae): Internal transcribed spacer regions and microsatellite DNA." ~$1,500
  • Jonathan R. Hendricks, Cornell University, New York: "Systematic revision of the Pinecrest Conus complex." ~$900
  • James W. Kurpius, University of California, Berkeley: "Panmixia or genetic differentiation?: Phylogeographic patterns of a planktonic dispersing gastropod in the Eastern Pacific." ~$1,400
  • John C. Malone, University of California, Los Angeles: "Consumer-resource interactions of two marine, gastropod grazers." ~$800
  • Jennifer M. Walker, University of Alabama: "Phylogenetic analysis and resource recognition in populations of Melongena corona (Gmelin) from the Alabama and Florida Gulf Coast." ~$1,500
  • Amy R. Wethington, University of Alabama: "Phylogeny, taxonomy, and evolution of reproductive isolation in Physa (Pulmonata: Physidae)." ~$1,000
  • Diego G. Zelaya, Facultad de Ciencias Naturales y Museo, La Plata, Argentina: "Systematics and biogeography of southwestern Atlantic Margaritini (Gastropoda: Trochidae)." ~$1,000

2000 -- $9,200.00

In 2000, the COA grants committee, consisting of Dr. Henry Chaney, Dr. G. Thomas Watters, and Dr. Gary Rosenberg, reviewed 25 grant proposals that requested a total of $28,236 in support. The applicants included 21 graduate students, and four professional biologists. Six proposals were international: four from Argentina, one from Brazil, and one from Mexico. The committee recommended the following nine proposals for funding with a total of $9200; this recommendation was approved at the midyear meeting of COA's board of directors. The proposal by Rebecca Rundell on succineid snails of Hawaii received the Walter Sage Award, because of its overall excellence.

  • Dr. Colin R. Beasley, Universidade Federal do Pará, Brazil: "Molluscan diversity among coastal habitats of Northern Brazil." $1,000
  • Gregory P. Dietl, North Carolina State University: "Evolutionary response of predators to dangerous prey: Busyconine gastropods and their bivalve prey." $1,500
  • Erika V. Iyengar, Cornell University: "Kleptoparasitism within the genus Trichotropis (Gastropoda), with specific studies on the evolutionary ecology of T. cancellata." $1,180
  • Steve I. Lonhart, University of California at Santa Cruz: "Native and invasive predator preferences for Eastern Pacific trochids; effects of prey biomass and caloric value." $250
  • Russ Minton, University of Alabama: "Phylogenetic revision of the pleurocerid genus Lithasia." $500
  • Ludwig Naegel, Centro Interdisciplinario de Ciencias Marinas, Mexico: "Reproductive cycle of Plicopurpura pansa (Gould, 1853) from Playa Cerrito, Gulf of California, México." $920
  • Rebecca M. Price, University of Chicago: "Columellar folds as an adaptation in the Fasciolariidae." $1,500
  • Kevin J. Roe, University of Alabama: "Phylogeny and zoogeography of the freshwater mussel genus Ptychobranchus Simpson (Bivalvia: Unionidae)." $850
  • Rebecca J. Rundell, University of Hawaii at Manoa: "Phylogeny and origins of diversity in the endemic Hawaiian Succineidae." Walter Sage Memorial Award: $1,500

1999 -- $6,500.00

The educational grants committee for 1999 consisted of Dr. Henry Chaney, Dr. G. Thomas Watters and Dr. Gary Rosenberg. This year 29 grant proposals were received, requesting a total of $33,069 in support. By comparison, last year 28 proposals totaling $41,243 were received. The decline in funds requested was a result of modified instructions for preparing budgets: Those applicants applying to multiple funding sources were asked to present an overall budget and then specify which items they wished COA to fund. Of the 29 applicants, 24 were graduate students and 5 were professional biologists. Eight proposals were international, with three from Canada, two each from Brazil and Mexico and one from Germany.

A total of $6500 was awarded to eight proposals, all by Ph.D. candidates. This year's winner of the Walter Sage Award is Rebecca Price, with a study of the evolution and function of columellar folds.

  • Gregory S. Herbert University of California, Davis: "Patterns of extinction selectivity, species replacement, adaptation, and recovery in the Muricidae (Mollusca: Gastropoda) of the Late Neogene of Florida." $400
  • Matthew C. Kay University of Oregon: "Reproduction and post-larval dynamics of the flat abalone Haliotis walallensis, and implications for the role of boulder fields in the early life history of abalones." $400
  • Dwayne Minton University of Hawaii: "Effect of microhabitats on the diversity and distribution of Caribbean littorines." $ 1,000
  • Cintia Miyaji Universidade de Sao Paulo: "Prosobranch gastropods from shelf-break and upper continental slope off Brazilian southeastern coast." $ 1,000
  • Rebecca M. Price University of Chicago: "Evolutionary and functional analysis of columellar folds in the Fasciolariidae." Walter Sage Memorial Award: $1,000
  • Elizabeth K. Shea Bryn Mawr College: "The structure and development of the proboscis in ommastrephid squids (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae)." $ 1,000
  • Jeffrey T. Watanabe Florida Institute of Technology: "Non-drilling oyster drills: the growth and reproduction of Stramonita haemostoma on Florida sabellariid worm reefs." $700
  • Anthony B. Wilson Universität Konstanz, Germany: "Evolution of Lake Tanganyika Gastropoda: A predator/prey model of coevolution?" $ 1,000 [Note: Mr. Wilson is a Canadian citizen and therefore is eligible for the award.]

1998 -- $5,450.00

  • Rachel Collin University of Chicago: "Systematics, life history, evolution, and development in Crepidula" $1,000
  • Jason P. Curole University of New Hampshire: "A test of the neutral theory: molecular evolution of gender associated mitochondrial lineages in unionacean bivalves" $580
  • Lisa S. Gardiner University of Georgia: "Caribbean mollusk communities of coral reef environments: an investigation of community stability through Pleistocene time" $1,000
  • Erika Iyengar Cornell University: "Why work when you can steal? Kleptoparasitism in a marine snail (Trichotropis cancellata)" $840
  • Steve Lonhart University of California, Santa Cruz: "Invasion of Monterey Bay by Kellet's Whelk: the role of coevolution and functional feeding mode in determining invader success" $730
  • Dwayne Minton University of Hawaii: "Distribution and migration patterns of tropical rocky shore molluscs" $300
  • Fabio Moretzsohn University of Hawaii: "Species boundaries in the Cribrarula cribraria species complex (Gastropoda: Cypraeidae)" Walter Sage Memorial Award: $1,000

1997 -- $5,700.00

  • James E. Byers University of California, Santa Barbara, "Toward a mechanistic understanding of the resistance of a native snail to invasion by an exotic competitor" $700.00.
  • Matthew Campbell University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, NC, "A new look at the Pliocene marine molluscan faunas from the Atlantic Coastal Plain of North America" $800.00.
  • Seth J. Lambiase University of North Carolina, "Life history strategies and population ecology of terrestrial mollusca in southern Appalachian spruce-fir forests" $400.00.
  • Michele G. Legé University of California, Davis, "Ecology of Maya applesnail (Pomacea flagellata): a keystone species in marshes of northern Belize" $650.00.
  • David B. Lewis University of Wisconsin-Madison, "A multi-scale investigation of the roles of regional and local factors in assembling freshwater snail communities" $450.00.
  • Guido Pastorino Argentina National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC, "The genus Trophon Montfort, 1810 (Gastropoda: Muricidae) and allied groups from Antarctica and surrounding islands: a comparative systematic study" Walter Sage Memorial Award: $700.00.
  • Dina Proestou University of Rhode Island, "Quantifying reproductive success and predicting time of sex change in the slipper limpet, Crepidula fornicata" $800.00.
  • Donna M. Surge University of Arizona, "Paleoecology and geochemistry of bivalve shells: implications for pre-disturbance environmental conditions of three estuaries, southwestern Florida" $700.00.
  • Brian T. Watson Virginia Polytechnic Institute, "Utilization of induced infestation and genetic techniques for the determination of host fishes for mussels: emphasis on federally endangered species" $500.00.

1996 -- $8,900.00

  • Ms. Amy R. Baco Department of Oceanography, University of Hawaii: "Structure, succession and phylogenetic affinities of the unusual molluscan assemblage surrounding whale skeletons in the deep sea" $500
  • Mr. Scott Bauman Marine Laboratory, University of Guam: "Extinct and extant land snail faunas of the southern Mariana Islands" $575.00
  • Ms. Heather Bennett Department of Biology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania: "Histology and histochemistry of the pedal glands of North American species of Solemya (Bivalvia: Cryptodonta)" $600.00
  • Mr. Paul A. X. Bologna Marine Environmental Consortium: "Molluscan distribution within and among seagrass habitats" $600.00
  • Mr. David C. Campbell Department of Geology, University of North Carolina: "Radiation and convergence in the Bivalvia: a comparison of morphological and molecular evidence" $600.00
  • Mr. Daniel Geiger University of Southern California: "The mineralogy of abalone shells in a total evidence cladistic analysis of the family" $650.00
  • Dr. Ross W. Gundersen and Mr. Russell Minton Department of Biological Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Parkside: for a study on color patterns, "Do stripes equal spots: Puperita pupa and Puperita tristis." Walter Sage Memorial Award: $375.00
  • Ms. Lisa Hadway Pacific Biomedical Research Center, University of Hawaii: "Inventory and assessment of the molluscan fauna in the state of Hawai'i's Pu'u I Umi Preserve on the Island of Hawai'i" $800.00
  • Mr. Larry J. Hyde Texas A&M University: the "Final phase of field work to complete thesis research on molluscan distribution and ecology on Stetson Bank, northwestern Gulf of Mexico" $750.00
  • Ms. Katharina Noack Department of Ecology and Evolution, State University of New York: "Molecular phylogenetic relationships of flabellinid nudibranchs" $600.00
  • Mr. Matthew P. Parry Department of Oceanography, University of Hawaii: "Magnetoreception in squid as a mechanism for orientation in the open ocean" $700.00
  • Ms. Tamara K. Ross Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Iowa State University: "The genetic structure of the Iowa Pleistocene snail, Discus macclintocki" $800.00
  • Mr. Jonathon R. Stone Department of Zoology, University of Toronto: "Evolution of Lambis and trajectories through morphospace." $250.00
  • Ms. Kelly A. West Department of Earth and Space Science, University of California: "Morphological and molecular diversification of the thiarid gastropod species flock of Lake Tanganyika, Africa" $500.00
  • Ms. Michelle D. White Moss Landing Marine Laboratories: "Factors affecting the distribution and abundance of Nuttalina spp. along the coast of Central California" $600.00

1995 -- $6,000.00

  • Richard Jones Florida Institute of Technology, Department of Biology: Analysis of Bological and Physical Features Associated with the Distribution of Queen Conch, Strombus gigas, Nursery Habitats $600.00
  • Dr. Jose H. Leal Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami: Mollusks in the Deepest Part of the Atlantic Ocean; Hadal Cocculiniform Limpets (Gastropoda: Cocculinoidea) from the Northern Boundary of the Caribbean Plate $1,000.00
  • Christopher Meyer University of California Department of Integrative Biology: Manipulating Shell Colors and Melanin in Cowries $500.00
  • Kevin J. Roe Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Genetic Study of the Freshwater Mussels Potamilus and Lastena $400.00
  • Matthew Tieger Indiana University of Pennsylvania Biology Department: Growth in Chaetopleura apiculata $400.00
  • Laura A. Brink Oregon Institute of Marine Biology: Cross-Shelf Dispersal of Larval Mollusks off the Inner Shelf of the North Carolina Coast $400.00
  • Thomas F. Duda Jr. Kewalo Marine Laboratory (Honolulu): Phylogeny and Conotoxin Evolution of Conus $300.00
  • Daniel L. Graf Northeastern University Department of Biology: Re-evaluation of the Fusconaia flava Complex $900.00
  • Scott E. Graham Western Washington University Department of Geology: Predation by Naticids of the Miocene of Maryland $500.00
  • Dr. Janice Voltzow University of Puerto Rico Department of Biology: Torsion in Archaeogastropods $600.00
  • Dr. G. Thomas Watters The Ohio State University Museum of Biological Diversity: Review of Pre-Pleistocene North American Unionaceans $400.00

1994 -- $6,000.00

  • David J. Brown Duke University Marine Laboratory: The Effects of Herbicides on Mercenaria Gonadal Tumors $750.00
  • Marian E. Havlik Malacological Consultants, La Crosse, WI: Wolf River Unionid Translocation Survey $600.00
  • Elizabeth L. Raiser Florida Museum of Natural History: Electrophoretic Study of Elimia (Goniobasis) in Florida $750.00
  • Paul J. Morris Paleontological Research Institution, Ithaca, NY: Field work on the Alabama Sabinian Stage $610.00
  • James W. Fatherree University of South Florida: Field work on Late Cretaceous Seasonality $1,000.00
  • Jeff Goddard Oregon Institute of Marine Biology: Survey of Opisthobranchs of Northern Oregon $370.00
  • Sandra A. Alvarado Texas A & M in Corpus Christi: Ecological Study of Mollusks of the Mexico Reef Area $1,000.00
  • Frank R. Thomas University of Hawaii: Lab work on the Ethnoarchaeology of Kiribati, Gilbert Islands $800.00
  • Richard L. Squires California State University, Northridge: Field Work on Eocene Fossils of the Doty Hills, Washington $120.00

1993 -- $6,000.00

  • Frank Thomas University of Hawaii Department of Anthropology: Optimal Foraging and Conservation: Ethnoarchaeology of Molluscan Ecology and Human Exploitation on Abemama Atoll, Kiribati, Gilbert Islands $500.00
  • Dr. Richard A. Tankersley Gonzaga University Department of Biology, Spokane, WA: Endoscopic Analysis of the Ctenidia and Suspension Feeding Dynamics of Three Northwest American Freshwater Bivalves $1,500.00
  • Dr. John Stimson (for Greta Abey and Deborah Gochfeld) University of Hawaii Department of Biology: Predators as Potential Factors Limiting Populations of the Coral-Eating Nudibranch Phestilla sibogae $500.00
  • Dr. Thomas J. DeVries Burton, Washington: Neogene Mollusks of the Peruvian Province: The Chilean Connection $1,000.00
  • David H. Bachus Seattle, Washington: "The Paleoecology of Buchia (Pectinacea) $750.00
  • Bruce S. Lieberman American Museum of Natural History Department of Invertebrates, New York: The Effects of Environmental and Geographic Changes on Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Patterns in Molluscan Taxa $750.00
  • Dr. Melbourne R. Carriker University of Delaware: Biology of the Hard Clam, Mercenaria mercenaria $500.00
  • Margaret Harvey Tallahassee, Florida: Reproductive System of the Bivalve, Carditamera floridana $500,00

1992 -- $5,000.00

  • Ami E. Wilbur University of Delaware College of Marine Studies: Studies in DNA Types in the Bay Scallop, Argopecten irradians $500.00
  • Katy Metzner-Roop Grice Marine Biological Laboratory, Charleston, SC: Gene Flow in the Hard Shell Clam, Mercenaria $500.00
  • Dr. Mark E. Gordon Tennessee Technological University Fisheries Research Unit: Survey of Disappearing Mollusks of the Upper Tennessee River $1,000.00
  • Dr. Charles N. D'Asaro University of West Florida Department of Biology: Gunnar Thorson's Egg Capsule Project $1,000.00
  • Sharon Kobayashi University of Hawaii Zoology Department: Fecundity Studies in Hawaiian Tree Snails, Achatinellidae $500.00
  • Dr. Matthew J. James Sonoma State University (CA) Department of Geology: Galapagos Pleistocene Mollusks $750.00
  • Dr. Jose H. Leal Rosenstiel School of Marine Sciences, University of Miami: Taxonomy of Brazilian Volutidae $750.00

1991 -- $5,010.00

  • Dr. Timothy McClanahan Florida Institute of Technology Department of Biological Sciences: for research on Florida Keys Gastropods $750.00
  • Timothy G. Standish George Mason University Department of Biology: for research on Donax clams $750.00
  • Steven A. Osborn Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, Moss Landing, CA for research on cephalopod beaks $500.00
  • Dr. Richard L. Squires California State University, Northridge, Department of Geological Sciences: The Fossil Mollusks of Baja California $360.00
  • Guido Pastorino of Argentina: for study of Predatory Behavior in Trophon $750.00
  • Fabio H.A. Costa of Brazil: for work on the Conus jaspideus complex $750.00
  • Lisa H. Janke Columbus, Ohio: Growth in Freshwater Mussels $400.00
  • Dr. Gustav Paulay University of Guam Marine Laboratory: for research on Periglypta clams $750.00

1990 -- $3,000.00

  • Ronald Gilmer Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution Research Specialist: funds for publication of unusual color photographs of a new species of pelagic, deep-sea pteropod $600.00
  • William S. Arnold University of South Florida PhD candidate: chemical supplies for Biochemical Studies of Argopecten gibbus in Relation to the Biochemistry of Offshore Water Nutrients $500.00
  • Jay Alan Schneider University of Chicago PhD candidate; for study of The Evolutionary Significance of Homoplasy in Cardiid Bivalves $500.00
  • Lindsey T. Groves Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History: photog. supplies and museum travel for studies on "Paleontology and Biostratigraphy of Fossil and Recent Cypreaeceans of the Eastern Pacific" $400.00
  • Jacksonville Shell Club Assistance in publication of An Annotated and Illustrated Checklist of Recent Northeast Florida Marine Mollusks $1,000.00

1989 -- $3,900.00

  • Susan C. McBride Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, CA Master's Degree student: Diet Studies in Post-larval Red Abalones, supplies and local transport $500.00
  • Dr. Richard Squires Department of Geological Sciences, California State University, Northridge: field expenses at a unique site for Eocene Marine Mollusks in Baja, California $400.00
  • Dr. Richard Turner Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Institute of Technology: supplies and SEM time: Ecological Implications of the Surfaces of Eggs in Pomacea paludosa $400.00
  • Jose H. Leal University of Miami PhD candidate: photographs for thesis on the Zoogeography of Brazilian Offshore Island Prosobranchs $700.00
  • Amelie H. Scheltema Independent guest investigator, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts: photog. and lab supplies for Descriptions of New Species of Aplacophorans from Deep Sea Thermal Vents $700.00
  • Jennifer L. Greenier Moss Landing Marine Laboratory, CA Master's Degree student: laboratory supplies for project on the Mariculture of Juvenile Red Abalones $500.00
  • Dr. Melbourne Carriker University of Delaware, ret.: photog. supplies and manuscript preparation of chapter in a book on the history of oyster research and the biography of the late Paul Galtsoff, oyster expert $300.00
  • Carolyn H. Declerck University of California, Davis PhD candidate: supplies and SEM time for project on the Gill Morphology of Gastropod Filter Feeders $400.00

1988 -- $1,850.00

  • Alan Kabat Harvard University: SEM costs for a revision of the Naticidae $550.00
  • Gary A. Coovert Curator of Biology, Dayton Museum of Natural History, travel expenses to eastern museums in connection with taxonomic work on Marginellidae $500.00
  • Dr. Rüdiger Bieler DuPont Chair of Malacology, Delaware Museum of Natural History: color plate costs for publishing Vermetid monograph of the genus Serpulorbis in The Nautilus $800.00

1987 -- $1,800.00

  • Dr. Roger Hanlon Marine Biomedical Unit, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston: Printing costs on the behavioral taxonomy of cephalopods $800.00
  • Dr. Charles Bowen California State Polytechnic University at Pomona: an electrophoresis chamber for a study propounding that Pacific Haliotis developed independently $500.00
  • Lindsey T. Groves California State University, Northridge, graduate student: Southern California Molluscan Paleontology $500.00

1986 -- $1,500.00

  • Smithsonian Institution For use of a graduate student studying mollusks at the Smithsonian $1,000.00
  • Dr. Rüdiger Bieler Monograph on Architectonicidae $500.00

1985 -- $2,000.00

  • Smithsonian Institution For use of a graduate student studying mollusks at the Smithsonian $1,000.00
  • Long Island Shell Club To assist with the Long Island Shell Club Monograph on the "Seashells of Long Island, New York: A Guide to Their Identification and Local Status" $1,000.00