How do mollusks species become endangered?

Habitat loss is the greatest single factor threatening the survival of many species (1995 National Academy of Sciences study).

The ecosystems to which they are adapted and on which they depend have been degraded, fragmented, or even totally destroyed. Urbanization and agriculture have introduced 'exotic' species that have been so successful in their new habitat, many natural plant and animal communities have disappeared.

The only answer to this problem is for us to adjust our living habits so that the remaining species can survive. There is enough room for all the inhabitants of the planet; the question is if we are willing to leave enough room for wildlife in the modern world.

Habitat conservation, restoration, enhancement and improvement projects offer wildlife a chance for recovery. Such types of projects are very successful when there is cooperation among private landowners, other concerned individuals, organizations and goverment agencies.

Even though what we read about describes seemingly insurmountable environmental problems; global issues which appear to be beyond our personal control or responsibility. We as individuals can make a difference.

"think globally; act locally"

  • Participate; help clean-up our beaches, rivers and forrests.
  • Recycle and buy post-consumer recycled products.
  • Become involved; local community policies effect our environment
  • Share your knowledge; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Learn more about endangered mollusk species