Conchologists of America is an international organization for anyone with an interest in shells and mollusks -- an interest which may include study and collecting of shells as well as their conservation. COA is governed and operated by a group of volunteers, both elected and appointed. Government and organizational matters are handled primarily at the annual meeting and at another Board of Directors meeting during the year.
Activities and projects focus on several main areas. The Annual Convention and the quarterly journal, American Conchologist, are directed toward education about mollusks and enrichment of the hobby. A Grants to Malacology Program helps fund molluscan research. A Club Representative Program endeavors to assist shell clubs in any way it can and to foster interclub communication. A COA Trophy is provided to foster excellence in shell exhibiting. The Listserv, Conch-L, and now Conch-Net join American Conchologist in communication, conservation and enrichment. These spheres of interest are outlined in COA's official statement of purpose:

The purposes of this organization are to disseminate knowledge about mollusks, to encourage research on mollusks, and to increase the awareness of the need for preserving habitats and the health of molluscan populations through meetings, lectures, publications, grants, and exhibits.

(Article II, Paragraph A of the Constitution of the Conchologists of America last amended 07/07/2008)

COA leadership for June 2023-June 2025:

President:  Karlynn Morgan
First Vice President:  Daniel Minior
Second Vice President:  John Jacobs
Treasurer:  Steven Coker
Secretary: Bruce Neville
Immediate Past President:  José Leal
Trustee/Endowments:  Bruce Neville
Membership:  Linda Powers
Editor:  Tom Eichhorst
Awards:  Vicky Wall
Academic Grants Coordinator:  Sam Ankerson
Member At Large:  Greg Curry
Member At Large :  Karen Huether
Convention Coordinator:  Wanda Coker
Historian:  Bruce Neville
Web page Coordinators:  Karlynn Morgan and Vicky Wall
Academic Grants Chairwoman:  Jann Vendetti, PhD
Neptunea Award:  John Jacobs