COA Conservation Resolution

Conchologists of America, Inc. (COA) strongly supports informed management and conservation policies for mollusks, and formally adopted the following Resolution for Responsible Scientific Collecting on the 26th of June 1995. Wording for the Resolution was composed by Dr. Gary Rosenburg. The Resolution was published on the back cover of the September 1995 issue of the American Conchologist (28K graphic).

Whereas there are an estimated 100,000 species of living mollusks, many of great economic, ecological and cultural importance to humans, and Whereas habitat destruction and commercial fisheries have had serious effects on mollusk populations worldwide, and Whereas modern conchology continues the tradition of amateur naturalists exploring and documenting the natural world, be it resolved that the

Conchologists of America

endorses responsible scientific collecting as a means of monitoring the status of mollusk species and populations and promoting informed decision making in regulatory processes intended to safeguard mollusks and their habitats.