Past Magazine Issues from 2016 to 2017

Back issues of the COA quarterly journal, American Conchologist, are available at $3.00 per issue prior to 1985 and $5.00 from 1985 to the present. Filled with articles on shells, shell trips, personalities in the shell world, events, collecting and exhibiting methods...they are an excellent resource.

September issue 2017

Editor’s comments; Fifty years of looking at murices by Emily H. Vokes; Accuracy of Freshwater Mussel Identification: Results from a Study in Texas by Robert G. Howells, Charles R. Randklev & Neil B. Ford; Dealer Directory; Just What the Doctor Ordered by Lisa Fitzgerald; Book review of Living Muricidae of the World: Muricinae: Murex, Promurex, Haustellum, Bolinus, Vokesimurex and Siratus by Roland Houart; 2017 COA Key West Convention by Tom Eichhorst; In Memoriam; Land snails of the rocks, trees, and leaves by Teresa Rose Osborne and Rebecca J. Rundell; COA Neptunea Award by Everett Long; LC50 of Arsenic in Tehuelche scallop Aequipecten tehuelchus from San José Gulf in Patagonia, Argentina by Julieta Sturla Lompré, Erica Giarratano & Mónica Noemí Gil; Marvel from the Deep; 2017 Gulf Coast Shell Club Shell Show by Jim Brunner; Marco Island Shell Club 37th Annual Shell Show; Keppel Bay 50th Anual Shell Show; Second Annual West Coast Shell Show

June issue 2017

Editor’s comments; There was a minor event last year by Thomas Eichhorst; In Memoriam; In Memoriam error (last issue); Dealer Directory; Broward Shell Club: a success story by Nancy Galdo; A Panama City Trip: Panama City, Panama, That Is by Linda Brunner; Book review of Icons of Evolution: Pacific Island treesnails, family Partulidae; Book review of In Memoriam; 2017 Astronaut Trail Shell Show - 21-22 Jan 2017; 70th Annual St. Petersburg Shell Show - Feb 2017; 80th Annual Sanibel Shell Show - 2-4 March 2017; In Memoriam (cont’d from p. 15); Gifts-in-Kind; COA Code of Ethics; 2017 COA Convention, Key West, FL, Aug 15-19, 2017 By Jeannette Tysor and Ed Shuller

March issue 2017

Editor’s comments; Conchologists of America: 45 years old by Tom Eichhorst; The history of a shell: Phenacovolva lenoreae by Jerry G. Walls; 2017 SHELL SHOWS & RELATED EVENTS (January – August) by Donald Dan; Pond snail chirality by Tom Eichhorst; Dealer Directory; Heterobranch sea slugs of Bocas del Toro, Panama by Jessica Goodheart; Book review of Tropical Deep-Sea Benthos, Vol. 29; Book review of Cassidae: An Amazing Family of Seashells; Book review of Neritidae of the World - Volumes One & Two; The Lei Pupu o Ni’ihau by Betty Ruggeri; Broward Shell Show - 14-15 Jan 2017; Sarasota Shell Show - 3-5 Feb 2017; Good work ultimately reaps its (his) reward by Harry Lee; In Memoriam; Key West COA Convention & the Frederic Weiss collection – 15-19 Aug 2017 by Thomas Eichhorst; Shell collector – Frederic Weiss (1929-2015) by Emily Weiss; Highlights of the 2017 COA Convention – Key West, FL; August 13-14 – Field Trips; August 15-19 – Convention & Bourse By Jeannette Tysor and Ed Shuller; A closing look at COA Chicago - 2016; COA Neptunea Award by Everett Long

December issue 2016

Editor’s comments; Surf and Turf – Puerto Rican style by F. Matthew Blaine; Into Bednall Country: The Land of the Tides by Charles E. Rawlings; Dealer Directory; SCUM XIX: Southern California Unified Malacologists by Lindsey T. Groves; The Nylander Museum - Caribou, Maine by Sheila L. Nugent; COA Neptunea Award by Everett Long; In Memoriam; Sanibel-Captiva Shell Club Gives $27,000 in Grants; COA letter to legislators; A SHELL COLLECTOR´S NIGHTMARE by Marcus Coltro; Citizen scientists converge on Wilmington, North Carolina by John Timmerman; 2017 COA Convention by Ed Shuller; Book review of The living and fossil Busycon whelks: Iconic mollusks of eastern North America (Edward J. Petuch, Robert F. Myers & David P. Berschauer) by Tammy L. Myers

September issue 2016

Editor’s comments; In Memoriam; A trip to Ambon or the quest for a living Bednall’s volute by Charles E. Rawlings; Identifying Florida Glycymerids by Marlo F. Krisberg; COA grant project in the Canary Islands by Alexander F. Wall; A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO A DISPLAY by Jim Brunner; The birth of a trophy by Jim Brunner; Dealer Directory; Crown conch royal buffet by Lisa Fitzgerald; “Got the fever” in the Dominican Republic by Dora Zimmerman; Working out the mussels of Peninsular Malaysia by Pei-Yin Ng, John-James Wilson & Alexandra Zieritz; Phil Poland; Springs and the minute snails that inhabit them in the Puget Sound region: Searching for the concealed by Edward J. Johannes; The 2016 Gulf Coast Shell Show; Bruce William Crystal; COA Neptunea Award by Harry Lee;

June issue 2016

Editor’s comments; Adventures in producing a documentary: “HEALERS AND HUNTERS: THE SECRET LIFE OF SEA SNAILS” by Astrid Koch; Lt. Col. Robert John Griffiths (9 Feb 1915 – 31 Oct 1986): the forgotten pioneer by Don Cram; Still more on turrids... by Bruce Neville; 2016 Shell Shows & Related Events by Donald Dan; Poser Shell Auction in Boston by Edward Nieburger; Mid-Atlantic Malacologists Meeting – 2016 by Elizabeth K. Shea and Timothy A. Pearce; In memoriam; Dealer Directory; Studies of satiation in Melibe leonina by Colin A. Lee; Carychium cognomen conundrum continues to confound conchologists; culture confirms by Lori Schroeder; The 2016 St. Petersburg Shell Club Shell Show; The 2016 Sanibel Shell Show; The 2016 Sarasota Shell Show; The 2016 Marco Island Shell Show; COA CONVENTION 2016 – CHICAGO!

March issue 2016

In memoriam; The Turrids: not just LBJs by Bruce Neville; Cone Shells: Mumblings 36plus years later by Jerry G. Walls; Dream Stream stems teem with stenotremes redux – saturation 3D shelling along the PRR system sets stratospheric standards by Harry G. Lee & Robert E. Winters; Dealer Directory; The Ohio State University freshwater mussel collection by F. Matthew Blaine; 2016 Shell shows & related events (January – July 2016) by Donald Dan; Shelling the Pearl Islands of Panama by Vicky Wall; “Molluscan Communities of the Florida Keys and Adjacent Areas: Their Ecology and Biodiversity” reviewed by David P. Berschauer; A different way to use UV images by T. Eichhorst; Living Mollusks reviewed by T. Eichhorst; COA Award winner, Broward Shell Show; COA Award winner, Astronaut Trail Shell Show; 2016 COA Convention Chicago, IL