Past Magazine Issues from 2010 to 2012

Back issues of the COA quarterly journal, American Conchologist, are available at $3.00 per issue prior to 1985 and $5.00 from 1985 to the present. Filled with articles on shells, shell trips, personalities in the shell world, events, collecting and exhibiting methods...they are an excellent resource.

December issue 2012

Editor’s comments; The labral tooth -- variations on a theme by Emily H. Vokes; Still more on blood-sucking mollusks: a bivalve? by Tom Eichhorst ; Report on a dredging expedition off the Louisiana coast, including geographical extensions and new record sizes by Emilio F. García; Neptunea Award by Harry Lee; COA grantees at the AMS/COA meeting by Paul Callomon; Dealer Directory; The 2012 Philadelphia Shell Show by Paul Callomon Creature feature by Dan Dourson ; In Memoriam; Are snails slowing down? by Tom Eichhorst ; A re-description of the du Pont Trophy (Shell Show Award: Outstanding Exhibit) with notes on distribution and morphology by Elizabeth K. Shea & Leslie L. Skibinski; The Texas Conchologist by Lucy Clampit; An analysis of the microsnails from six habitats in the “Kochi Hill” area, Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Bullitt County, Kentucky by Harry G. Lee and Lori Schroeder ; AMS/COA Group photo

September issue 2012

Editor’s comments; The 2012 Guadeloupe Biodiversity Expedition by Martin Avery Snyder; Yes we can, twice! by Linda Brunner; Ratio of species to genus-group in the Muricidae or, are we cutting things too fine? by Emily H. Vokes; Dealer Directory; Freshwater mussels in Brazil: past, present and future, at least, we hope they have one by Igor Christo Miyahira, Sonia Barbosa dos Santos, Maria Christina Dreher Mansur & Jéssica Beck Carneiro; COA Convention 2012 by Tom Eichhorst; Jacksonville Shell Club 2012 Shell Show; Gulf Coast Shell Club 2012 Shell Show; The 2012 Philadelphia Shell Show by Paul Callomon; 2012 SHELL SHOWS & RELATED EVENTS (August – December) by Donald Dan; In Memoriam; Shells from Honduras - photographed in situ by Charles Rawlings; COA Then and Now by Tom Eichhorst; Ya’ll Come to COA 2013 by Peggy Williams

June issue 2012

Editor’s comments; Sinistral peanut snail and polygyrid update. Sequestered specimens, oversight, irony, and a failed strategy with a happy outcome by Harry G. Lee; Fie to you! [or F 2 U] by Richard Petit; In Memoriam 6; A shell show primer by John Timmerman; A report on Gibberulus gibbosus (Röding, 1798) by Scott & Jeanette Johnson; Dealer Directory; Humboldt squid - cannibalistic killers or just jumbo mollusks? Diving amongst “killer” cephalopods - photographing the Humboldt squid by Charles Rawlings; Alien invaders: Haminoea japonica in North America and Europe by Dieta Hanson; A new land snail discovered in New Mexico (USA) by Tom Eichhorst; Book Review: Antiguan Shallow-water seashells: A collection with 18 years study and research of shoreline shells from Antigua and West Indies by Harry G. Lee; Book Review: An Index for G.T. Poppe’s PHILIPPINE MARINE MOLLUSKS by Tom Eichhorst; Book Review: John Edward Gray (1800-1875): his malacological publications and molluscan taxa by Tom Eichhorst; The 75th Annual Sanibel-Captiva Shell Show by Joyce Matthys; 2012 Sarasota Shell Club Scientific Winners by Ron Bopp; 2012 Marco Island Shell Club Shell Show; St. Petersburg Shell Club awards list: 65th annual shell show; A bit of catching up by Tom Eichhorst; More Piggy-back Shells? by J. M. Inchaustegui

March issue 2012

COA Nominating Committee Report 2012 by Matthew Blaine; In Memoriam; Claud-Mantle, Harvard, and two sinistral sacred chank shells: A THRILLING DISCOVERY by Edward Nieburger and Adam J. Baldinger; Partulid snails, their collectors, and a prodigious dynasty of French naturalists by Harry G. Lee; Shells in the News; Shrimp boats are a-comin’ - there’s shelling tonight: A high seas adventure to Trujillo Bay, Honduras by Karen VanderVen; Dealer Directory; Studying local adaptation in Crepidula spp. by Abigail E. Cahill; SCUM XVI: Southern California Unified Malacologists by Lindsey T. Groves; FUM 2012 Florida United Malacologists by José H. Leal; Dr. Donald Taeke Bosch (1917-2012); James Hammond Carmichael III (Pete) (1930-2011); Preliminary report on the possible effect of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the molluscan fauna of the surrounding area by Emilio F. García; Noteworthy offshore mollusks from the north-central Gulf of Mexico, including geographical extensions and a generic reassignment by Emilio F. García; Broward Shell Show 2012 by Nancy Galdo; Allen Walker

December issue 2011

Letters and Comments; China Shell Show; The cost of a rare cowrie by Simon Aiken; COA: celebrating 200 years of shelling in America by Paul Callomon; Report of the 5th Annual Ohio River Valley Unified Malacologist Meeting (OVUM) by Meghann Vincie King & Dr. Timothy Pearce; 2011 Shell Shows & Related Events by Donald Dan; Ocenebra, Pteropurpura, and Ocinebrellus (Gastropoda: Muricidae: Ocenebrinae) in the northwestern Pacific by Roland Houart; Conchologists of America 2012 Neptunea Award by Harry G. Lee; Dealer Directory; Philadelphia COA Award; North Carolina COA Award; Book Review: Philippine Marine Shells: Vols. 1-4 reviewed by Tom Eichhorst Book Review: Living Shells reviewed by Tom Eichhorst; In Memoriam; How the Cone Collector began by António Monteiro & William J. Fenzan; Book Review: Seashell Poems and Reflections to Sooth the Soul reviewed by Tom Eichhorst; COA Academic Grants Program: Director’s Report by Daniel Geiger; Greetings and a happy New Year! by Daniel Geiger; Nudibranch research by Kristen Roberts

September issue 2011

Letters and Comments; Noteworthy mollusks from the Gulf of Mexico, including new record sizes and geographical extensions by Emilio F. García; On Vexillum (Pusia) articulatum (Reeve, 1845) and V. (P.) trophonium (Dall, 1889) by Emilio F. García; Epilogue/prologue to “junkyard bug” report with two early references by Harry G. Lee; Dealer Directory; Romancing the Stones: a shelling expedition to the Dominican Republic by Karen VanderVen; List of species - Dominican Republic by Winston Barney, Bill Kreis, Glenn Duffy, and Karen VanderVen; Cracking a queen conch (Strombus gigas), vanishing uses, and rare abnormalities by Robert Robertson Sanibel Island Shell Show 2011; In memoriam; 2011 COA Convention by Tom Eichhorst; Sacred chank revisited by Ken Rose

June issue 2011

Letters and Comments; In the thick of it: the jungles of the Solomon Islands by Simon Aiken; Threetooth ID ruminations open a centuries-old amphi-Atlantic Pandora’s Box by Harry G. Lee; Dealer Directory; Mid-Atlantic Malacologists Meeting by Elizabeth Shea, Leslie Skibinski, & Aydin Örstan; 2011 Sarasota Shell Club Shell Show by Ron Bopp; 2011 Broward Shell Club Shell Show by Nancy Galdo; St. Petersburg Shell Club Shell Show; October 2010 British Shell Collectors’ Club Shell Show; Oregon Society of Conchologists Shell Show; What is a shell worth? by Tom Rice; Historical notes on a sinistral sacred chank: Turbinella pyrum by Harry G. Lee; SCUM XV: Southern California Unified Malacologists by Lindsey T. Groves; Interesting boring by He Jing; Book Review: “Mattheus Marinus Schepman (1847-1919) and His Contributions to Malacology”; Book Review: Compendium of Florida Fossil Shells, Volume 1, Middle Miocene to Late Pleistocene Marine Gastropods; Book Review: Shells of the Hawaiian Islands, Vol. 1, The Sea Shells; Vol. 2, The Land Shells

March issue 2011

Letters and Comments; A moveable feast by George Metz; Another sinistral Notocypraea and some interesting observations by Don Cram; The curious case of Conchology versus Malacology by S. Peter Dance; Conch shells on coins by Jesse Todd; Dealer Directory; In Memoriam; The Solomon Islands: treasure from the sea by Simon Aiken; The 2010 Philadelphia Shell Show by Paul Callomon; 2010 Philadelphia Shell Show supper guest speaker Dr. Henry Augustus Pilsbry by Paul Callomon; COA Annual Convention; John A. Baker; Katherine “Bobbi” Cordy; Emmanuel Guillot de Suduiraut; Trevor D. Roberts

December issue 2010

Letters and Comments; Ifremeria nautilei Bouchet & Warén, 1991 by Tom Eichhorst; Gettleman key to probe of major reversals by Harry Lee; In Memoriam; Four Abnormal Landsnails from Israel by Moshe Erlendur Okon; Dealer Directory; COA 2010 Convention: Shellebration Boston; 2011 Shell Shows & Related Events (Jan - Jul) by Donald Dan; Conchologists of America: Neptunea Award by Harry Lee; A rough few months for COA members; we lost four; Thoughts From a Shell Collector to Her Family and Friends: a poem by Betty Jean Piech; Back to the Gulf of Aqaba: the search for rare shells of the Red Sea by Moti Kovalis; First Modern Shell Show in China by Robert Janowsky; Conus recurvus Broderip, 1833: One Mo’ Time by J. M. Inchaustegui; The rise and fall of “Conus recurvus Broderip 1833” by Bruce Neville; An Eleutheran Adventure: My First Live Shell Collecting Trip by Amelia Ann Dick; COA Award Winners; Mystery Bivalve in the Caribbean by D.Y. Zhang;

September issue 2010

Letters and Comments; Conus archetypus Crosse, 1865 in northwestern Panama by Emilio F. García; Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, or never say “never” by Harry Lee; A geographic extension for two species of Favartia (Muricidae: Muricopsinae) from the western Atlantic by Emilio F. García; Book Review: “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating”; Book Review: “Encyclopedia of Texas Seashells”; In Memoriam; COA Award Winners; Dealer Directory; New generic assignments for Strombidae: A summary of recent changes by Winston A. Barney; Andrew Grebneff (1959-2010); Robert C. “Bob” Dayle (1946-2010); Cozumel, Mexico by Jim Lyle; Are those Mexican slippers? by J.M. Inchaustegui; Report on the Epitoniidae of the East China Sea: Part 2 by Lenny Brown; A reclusive Tennessee snail: Anguispira picta (Clapp, 1920) (Discidae) by Tom Eichhorst

June issue 2010

Letters and Comments; Bocas del Toro revisited. A follow-up of Olsson & McGinty’s report on the Panamanian Archipelago by Emilio F. García; A New Sherll Display by Bobbi Cordy; In Memoriam; Dealer Directory; Pheasant Snails (Phasianella) by Robert Robertson; June Huie by Ardeth Hardin; What goes around comes around; Jacksonville Shell Club to fund annual COA Academic Grant by Harry G. Lee; 2010 Shell Shows and Related Evenets (Aug - Dec) by Donald Dan; The World’s Smallest (and Probably ugliest) Shell Collector by Tom Eichhorst; Shell Show Winners; Last Call for Shellebration Boston: COA 2010; Living Fossils by Zvi Orlin

March issue 2010

Letters and Comments; Costoanachis sertulariarum (d’Orbigny, 1839) in the Gulf of Mexico by Emilio F. García; The Power Of One by Emilio F. García; SCUM XIV: Southern California Unified Malacologists by Lindsey T. Groves; Pearls in the Nevada Desert? by Joaquin Inchaustegui; Systematic Classification of Recent and Fossil Conoidean Gastropods, by John K. Tucker and Manuel J. Tenorio, ConchBooks, 2009: a review by Bruce Neville; In Memoriam; Dealer Directory; The World of Cones According to Tucker & Tenorio (2009) by Bruce Neville (images by T. Eichhorst); Astronaut Trail Shell Club holds 30th Space Coast Seashell Festival by Bobbi Cordy; North Carolina Shell Show 25-27 September 2009 by Tom Eichhorst; Snails and Coal Mining by Tom Eichhorst; The Freshwater Mussels of Ohio, 2009: a review by Tom Eichhorst; Shellebration Boston: COA 2010; Jean Andrews (1923 - 2010) by Tom Eichhorst; Archie Jones (1910 - 2010) by Tom Eichhorst; Frieda Schilling (1924 - 2010) by Alan Gettleman