2009 COA Annual Convention

July 19 - 23 Clearwater, Florida

Hilton - Clearwater, FL

The hard workers who made the convention possible!

Theatrical presentation, very funny!

Alice Monroe




Silent Auction

Bob Lipe and Tamara Hein

Josy Wiener

Bob Lipe and Ed Petuch

Jose Leal

Alain Allary and Pat Bail


Stephen Tan and Jose

Lucy Clampit

Jose presenting his talk about Ecuador





Pete Stimpson

Beach in front of the hotel

Dining with friends!

Bobbi Houchin

Jimmy Ernest and Jose

Merv Cooper

Karl Stanley and Alain Allary

Dave Green

Rich Goldberg

Helen Kwiat

Larry Strange

Peggy Williams and Harry Lee

David Woodman

Bruce Crystal

Bill Lyons

Iacoppo Briano

Bob and Betty Lipe

Andres Bonard

Bob and Juying Janowsky

Steven Ko and Don Pisor

Jose and Emilio Garcia

The End!