2007 COA Annual Convention

August 01- 05 Portland, Oregon

Monarch Hotel - early morning wake up for low tide shelling

Oregon is home to many giant redwood trees

The Oregon coast at low tide

COA shell collectors busy among the rocks exposed by low tide

Green sea anemones and mussels

Lots of regulations to protect Oregon beaches

The regulations include strick limits on the numbers of live seashells collected

It looks like the small coastal communities cater to visitors

COA pres Hank Chaney opens the convention, he is so good he can do it with his eyes closed

Joyce Matthys was our host for the 2007 COA convention

John Mellott was our moderator and emcee

Folks having a good time at the welcome dinner

More folks having a good time at the welcome dinner

More folks having a good time at the welcome, except Bruce and Tom who look like someone ate their dessert

Audience attention was easily gained by blowing a conch horn

Left is Dr Jose Leal director of the Bailey Matthews Shell Museum & right is Dr Fabio Moretzsohn who provided these images - both gave presentations

Dr Felix Lorenz signs his book during a cowrie identification session

One of the presentations was on farming the geoduck (Panopea generosa (Gould, 1850)), the largest burrowing clam in the world

Another presentation was on predation in the mollusk world

Dr Alan Kohn discussed cone taxonomy

We all got very used to walking through the connecting tunnel between the rooms and the convention center

A corner of one of the tables in the bourse with a giant (fiberglass) Cypraea asellus

Of course there were lots of shells on display

Brian Hayes from South Africa with his shells on display

On the plane leaving the convention and a view of a couple of the Oregon mountains above the clouds