Are you having trouble finding the online information you need about the hobby of conchology? Do you want to link up with other shellers? To answer your needs, the Conchologists of America has established the Conch-List, CONCH-L, the first Listserv expressly for shell collectors. You can subscribe by sending your email address immediately. Conch-L will provide a forum for conchologists, indeed, for anyone with an interest in mollusks, to discuss any topic related to conchology.

Looking for storage cabinets for your collection? Want to know how to start a catalog? Do you just want to talk shells with a like-minded group of people? Or find a good spot for a shelling vacation? The Conch-L will help you get it together. Here is your opportunity to interact by email with conchologists around the world.

Get answers to your questions from other members, find shellers with similar interests, report new finds and field observations, help others learn more about our fascinating hobby. And you can keep up with events in the shell world: messages about meetings, shell shows, new species, new regulations, software for the collector, conventions, and exhibitions will be posted frequently. In fact, CONCH-L will host messages on just about every aspect of conchology. Your interests and your participation are our only limitations.

Both beginners and advanced conchologists alike will find our list server useful. We also invite and encourage the professional community to participate on CONCH-L. We will, as always, need you, your interest and your advice.

Subscribe today. It's free. To do so, simply send an email message to:


The body of your message should contain only:

  • subscribe CONCH-L Your Full Name

Do not put anything in the subject line, and do not type anything else in the body. (Be sure to turn off any automatic signature file.) For instance, to subscribe John Carpenter, one would type:

  • subscribe CONCH-L John Carpenter

and nothing else. (Of course, if your name is not "John Carpenter," substitute your own name.) A simple confirmation process will be initiated shortly thereafter.

Subscribe now. See you there.

"Conch-L is the property of the University of Georgia and is provided for use by interested parties free of charge. The Conch-L list is moderated by COA member volunteers and administered by the university. Content reflects individual opinions of the authors submitting to the list and does not reflect official or unofficial policy or opinion of the University of Georgia or the Conchologists of America."